Use Sugar and Dishwashing Liquid to Clean Greasy Hands

I’m sure you have encountered that stressful feeling of trying to wash your hands after working on a car, bike, or other greasy equipment. The grease can stick around for days unless you really scrub down. Here is a cleaning hack that is simple and cheap that our customers shared with us.  Simply use sugar as a hand degreaser that washes away the grease quickly.

You can mix this little concoction by using about a teaspoon of sugar, a little water, and then wash your hands as normal. If the grease and grime are too stubborn to remove, you can also throw in some Support Dishwashing Liquid. It works great, and it’s softer on the hands than a harsh degreaser.

Tell us of some other ways you have tried and found effective to get grease off your hands? Share it in the comments.

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