7 Hacks To Wash Dishes Faster and More Efficiently

1 | Soak cloudy glasses in vinegar


Do you have glasses with stains and thought about throwing them away? A simple solution; soak the glass in warm white vinegar for one hour, and the stains will disappear. You have just saved some dollars. You’ll thank me later.

2 | Implement a pre-soaking system


Many times, when persons follow this method, the dishes are left soaking for a considerable length of time. However, the pre-soaking system is always effective for removing stuck-on stains. Keep a bowl or pan with soapy water (don’t forget to use Support Dishwashing Liquid) nearby and soak those tough stains out to make washing easier.

3 | Use dishwashing liquid to clean your coffee pot


Wondering if to dispose of that used coffee pot? Here’s a tip to help you save money, and still get more usage out of your coffee pot. Put a little bit of Support Dishwashing Liquid and running hot water through the machine. Let the solution sit for an hour or so and rinse out the pot removing the stains.

4 | Clean your blender by blending dishwashing liquid and water


Washing out that blender can be a daunting task, with sticking your hand in it hoping to avoid the cuts and bruises. However, a safe and easy way to clean your blender is to put some Support Dishwashing Liquid and warm water in it, and turn the blender on; the spinning will be strong enough to remove any hard-to-clean messes. Definitely a safe way to preserve yourself from any injuries, don’t you agree?

5 | Clean your wooden cutting boards with salt


Use a handful of salt and half a lemon to get those wooden cutting boards clean as a whistle. First, rinse your board with warm water, then rub the salt over the board in concentric circles using the lemon as a buffer. When you’re done, give it another hot-water rinse and put it in the dish rack to dry.

6 | Put Them in a Dirty Dish Bin

Don’t full up your sink with dirty dishes and food. So leave your sink free by using this versatile and multipurpose collapsible dish tube. If you are looking for some extra usage you can also take it on a camping trip to use as a drink carrier.

7 | Turn Up The Heat

Using warm water gets the residue out of your dishes without leaving residue and most of your dishes will most likely dry without streaks. Don’t forget to protect your hands by using some good gloves.

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